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Obi fluid DllNotFound
Forum: Obi Fluid
Last Post: Harutyun
11 hours ago
» Replies: 6
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Is one vertex assigned on...
Forum: Obi Softbody
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25-06-2022, 02:23 PM
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Softbody falls apart
Forum: Obi Softbody
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24-06-2022, 07:36 AM
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Rope pin+collision proble...
Forum: Obi Rope
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24-06-2022, 07:09 AM
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Obi Bone twisted but bone...
Forum: Obi Rope
Last Post: MoonglowStudio
23-06-2022, 09:11 AM
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Obi rope not working in U...
Forum: Obi Rope
Last Post: superdev
23-06-2022, 07:23 AM
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Fishing Pole/Line
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23-06-2022, 02:42 AM
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Where is stretching setti...
Forum: General
Last Post: josemendez
22-06-2022, 07:24 PM
» Replies: 1
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What is the proper way to...
Forum: Obi Cloth
Last Post: josemendez
22-06-2022, 07:30 AM
» Replies: 1
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  Obi fluid DllNotFound
Posted by: Harutyun - 24-06-2022, 10:14 PM - Forum: Obi Fluid - Replies (6)

Hi, I've imported both Obi fluid and Obi softbody and I got this error in my console

DllNotFoundException: libOni assembly:<unknown assembly> type:<unknown type> memberTristenull)
Obi.OniBackend.CreateSolver (Obi.ObiSolver solver, System.Int32 capacity) (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Backends/Oni/OniBackend.cs:17)
Obi.ObiSolver.Initialize () (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Solver/ObiSolver.cs:851)
Obi.ObiSolver.AddActor (Obi.ObiActor actor) (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Solver/ObiSolver.cs:1112)
Obi.ObiActor.AddToSolver () (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Actors/ObiActor.cs:348)
Obi.ObiActor.OnEnable () (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Actors/ObiActor.cs:323)

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  Softbody falls apart
Posted by: facaelectrica - 24-06-2022, 01:43 AM - Forum: Obi Softbody - Replies (1)

Not sure how to phrase it, some images to explain what I'm running into.

I've created a relatively simple shape:

Created a blueprint:

But no matter what I do, even copying the values you've added to your objects when I run the game, it just falls flat (next to your example ball):

Why doesn't it stay more solid? What values should I be looking at?

And some additional questions about the workflow:

1) I don't quite get the advantages behind doing smaller or bigger particles besides having a more precise shape and what I assume are more expensive calculations.
Do they affect the properties of the object? I read this paragraph but there aren't examples or anything precise about how it translates to practical examples:

Higher resolution leads to more particles and clusters being generated, making it more difficult to keep their shape. So given the same solver settings, high-resolution softbodies will be softer than low-resolution ones.

2) What is the advantage between voxels or vertices when creating the blueprint? In my situation, I'm trying to get an object with an inner pocket to work as a softbody, so should I use vertices? I can still get some precision with voxels and increased resolution, is it preferable to go that way?

3) From what I understood, once the particles are generated, they will get connected (blue lines) between each other. Is there a way to control that level of connection? The ObiSoftBodySkinner has a "Skinning Max Distance", is that what it does? And if so, how can I visualize it?

4)Is it possible to visualize how the blueprint is being skinned in relation to the object(s) in the viewport?

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  Where is stretching settings?!
Posted by: dorktoast - 22-06-2022, 07:10 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

I have an Obi Rope attached to a rigidbody. The rope follows the rigidbody no matter the distance. I want the rope to hang, and have the object there hanging from the rope.

Searches through the documentation and this forum keep referring to "stretching settings". I cannot find these settings.

Increasing substeps also does not fix this, and also causes massive frame drops.

Please help.

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Sorprendido Obi Bone twisted but bones are straight
Posted by: MoonglowStudio - 22-06-2022, 02:58 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (2)

When I put an ObiBone component on this snake model (21 bones), most of the bones are twisted by a certain degree, giving weird behavior (see white lines).
What's strange is that it wasn't the case before, and that all the bones have 0 degrees rotation in all axes in the base pose, and at start... Then the Animator starts a "Rolled" static animation which just curls the snake around the branch.
Can't figure out what is causing this.


Otherwise it's working very well, I get snake like movement when I adjust the Collision Materials.

Hope you can help, it's for a good cause (snake phobia exposition therapy).

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  Obi rope not working in Unity 2021.3.0f1
Posted by: superdev - 22-06-2022, 02:54 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (2)

I am trying to use Obi rope in Unity 2021.3.0f1 ( MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) chip Apple M1 )

its showing the following errors -- >

 1.  DllNotFoundException: libOni assembly:<unknown assembly> type:<unknown type> memberTristenull)
    Obi.OniBackend.CreateSolver (Obi.ObiSolver solver, System.Int32 capacity) (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Backends/Oni/OniBackend.cs:17)
    Obi.ObiSolver.Initialize () (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Solver/ObiSolver.cs:851)
    Obi.ObiSolver.AddActor (Obi.ObiActor actor) (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Solver/ObiSolver.cs:1112)
    Obi.ObiActor.AddToSolver () (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Actors/ObiActor.cs:348)
    Obi.ObiActor.OnEnable () (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Actors/ObiActor.cs:323)  

2.  DllNotFoundException: libOni assembly:<unknown assembly> type:<unknown type> memberTristenull)

    Obi.OniColliderWorld.SetColliders (Obi.ObiNativeColliderShapeList shapes, Obi.ObiNativeAabbList bounds, Obi.ObiNativeAffineTransformList     transforms, System.Int32 count) (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Backends/Oni/OniColliderWorld.cs:40)
    Obi.ObiColliderWorld.UpdateWorld (System.Single deltaTime) (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Collisions/ObiColliderWorld.cs:388)
    Obi.ObiUpdater.BeginStep (System.Single stepDeltaTime) (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Updaters/ObiUpdater.cs:56)
    Obi.ObiFixedUpdater.FixedUpdate () (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Common/Updaters/ObiFixedUpdater.cs:46)

I also tried following solution -->

    The dll library it cannot find (because it’s not compatible with the M1 architecture) is just a fallback in case you haven’t installed the required Burst  packages. Moreover, this fallback library is deprecated in will be removed in Obi 7.Make sure you’ve installed the Burst dependencies as per the manual:

Tried the following setup -->


In the above setup I am not getting the option of

    JOBS -> Leaks detection -> Off

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  Request for softwheel/tire demo or tuorial
Posted by: khos85 - 21-06-2022, 11:42 PM - Forum: Obi Softbody - Replies (3)

Hi, I would like to ask if you can consider creating a tutorial on this, I am specifically interested in wheel mesh that will use the obi softbody on low poly  wheel mesh, car/vehicle will use normal unity controller type. It is only the wheels that I would like to behave like softbody. Can I ask you to advise or guide me on this request please?

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  What is the proper way to add distance constraint?
Posted by: snowtv - 21-06-2022, 03:06 PM - Forum: Obi Cloth - Replies (1)

I've only able to find example for adding pin constraint, and before I do anything dumb myself, I'd like to get an example for adding distance constraint through script.

Is it as simple as adding two indices for the pair of particles in the new distance constraint to the batch array and mark the constraint type as dirty?

When I look into the Tear() method it looks like I also need to apply some properties to the new constraint, but there seem to be other things going on which I'm not sure if it's only for the reconstruction after the tearing operation...

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  sample scenes fail to build
Posted by: jpc2tao - 21-06-2022, 01:23 PM - Forum: Obi Fluid - Replies (2)

I opened an empty 3D project and imported packages Burst, Collections, Mathematics then Obi Fluid 6.4 as suggested.
The sample scenes run without issue in Game mode, but fails to build. I get the following Error: 

Shader error in 'Obi/URP/Particles': Couldn't open include file 'Packages/com.unity.render-pipelines.universal/ShaderLibrary/Core.hlsl'. at Assets/Obi/Resources/ObiMaterials/URP/ObiLightingURP.cginc(3)

I included the whole log in the attachment. The specific scene I am trying to build is MultiPhaseFluidBuoyancy, although all other scenes are having similar build problems.

Unity Version 2021.3.7f1
Obi Version 6.4
Burst 1.6.6
Collections 1.3.1
Mathematics 1.2.6
Jobs 0.51.0-preview.32

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  Can't generate small softbody blueprint
Posted by: fbrthld - 21-06-2022, 10:41 AM - Forum: Obi Softbody - Replies (2)


I am currently trying to generate the softbody blueprint for a icosphere that is 5cm across. Technically this works, but the particles seem to have the wrong "orientation" (if they actually have something like that) afterwards. These images are using the "Culling: Back" option.

[Image: front.png?psid=1&width=710&height=492]
[Image: y4mpZqhzv_btVcyhz3vhDPiKj3gvUsg2UyW9BMVQ...height=486]

The object needs to be this small, because I want to interact with in in VR with my hands. If I scale the object bigger, generation works but then the simulation falls apart.

Is there a recommended way to have small softbodies? I haven't found anything concerning size in the documentation.

I also tried increasing the resolution, but it didn't help Triste :
[Image: y4m8nKEa8USO50d25FvHP1tmUGDwCU6oBp0jwiuT...height=418]

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Pregunta Obi rope constant distance Between Particles
Posted by: Peniok - 21-06-2022, 10:08 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

It is possible to completely remove the tension (so that there is always the same tension between all their particles). Just in the stretching settings there are only parameters for the rope to try to shrink or stretch, and that's a little wrong
Has Obi Rope something like Min/Max Particle Distance

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