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06-06-2023, 11:49 PM
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Forum: Obi Softbody
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06-06-2023, 09:25 AM
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  [QUESTION] How to stich rope to the center of a softbody surface
Posted by: eduardoseitz - 7 hours ago - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (1)

Hello, I have this problem where I have a softbody object (imagine a cilinder facing up) and wheneaver I generate particles using obi softbody face blueprint 4 equal particles apper on top (see screenshot). The problem is that since the particles are exactly symmetrical I can't hang it stiching a hope since it would be off center. I either need to have one single particle centered on the middle of the top surface or stitch to the 4 particles on top (I tried that but they jump to another position or get deleted automaticly when I enter play mode).
How do you recommend that I solve this problem?

PS: I can edit the mesh if needed.

Thanks in advance.


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  How can i make a washline with clothes on
Posted by: Pascal[vrfx] - Yesterday, 09:06 AM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (1)

Hi VirtualMethod Team

I manage to make one rope line, however i don't know how i would make Clothes hanging from that line (obiRope).

Few Questions:

  • Can I use Unity basic Cloth Sim and hang these to the OBI Rope line? -> if Yes how can i attach Gameobject with Mesh to the obi rope? 
  • if we buy ObiCloth, will there be a simple way to attach the towels to the Obi rope, or do i need a programmer for this?
  • Can i attach the cloth during a Timeline Animation to the OBI Rope? Say my character will add a towel to the rope during the animation with the towel in his hands. -> if yes how would that work?
We looked at the Manual but got no clue on how it could be done, we are thankfully for any tutorials and instructions!
Best Regards Pascal

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  Understanding the inner mechanics of softbody
Posted by: whatever - Yesterday, 12:45 AM - Forum: Obi Softbody - Replies (1)


I want to use Obi softbody as an input parameter to create a sound effect. I want to use the deformation factor as one of the controlling parameters. I saw DeformationToColors.cs, and I think it is pretty close to what I want to do with the asset, but I am having a little bit of a hard time understanding how it exactly works. Could you explain or point me to the right documentation location?

So, what I did was add and print this information in the loop of the batch.numIndices in DeformationToColors.cs:
logQueue.Enqueue($"Batch {j}, Constraint {i}, Index {k}, Deformation {deformation}, Norm {norms[p]}, Count {counts[p]}");

and this is what was logged in one of the instances
Batch 5, Constraint 2, Index 3, Deformation 0.0003457069, Norm 0.001275539, Count 5

If you could explain what each of the variables corresponds to and how it helped you achieve the colour indexing of the particles, it would be a great help.

PS: I am assuming this post is cleaner without cluttering it with copying and pasting huge chunks of code from the script. If it is confusing, then please let me know, and I will copy-paste the relevant lines so that you don't need to go back and forth between this post and the original script.

Thank you.

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  How to make a rubber man walk.
Posted by: pebo@instmail - 06-06-2023, 09:59 AM - Forum: Obi Softbody - Replies (1)

I want to make a rubber man walk.
How can I combine the rubber man expression with animation?

We have searched and found the following answers in the past.

Please tell me how to reproduce the expression of a rubber man walking.

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  Changing Medium Parameters for Cloth Physics in ObiCloth: From Air to Water
Posted by: jacobwoord - 05-06-2023, 09:44 AM - Forum: Obi Cloth - Replies (3)

Hello everyone,

I have been working on a project in Unity that requires me to create a realistic simulation of a trawler net in water. To achieve this, I've successfully defined a proper mesh for my trawler net and utilized the ObiCloth plugin to apply cloth physics, which has produced impressive results thus far. However, I've encountered an issue that I'm hoping to get some guidance on.

The default settings of the ObiCloth plugin seems to imply that the cloth physics operate in air. Given that my simulation takes place underwater, I would like the physics to more accurately reflect this environment. Therefore, my question is: is there a way to modify the medium parameters in ObiCloth such that the cloth physics act as if they are operating in water rather than in air?

If this is possible, could someone please provide guidance on how to adjust these parameters appropriately to mimic water physics? If it's not possible within the scope of ObiCloth, does anyone have recommendations for other plugins or methods I could use to achieve this effect?

I appreciate any insight you can offer. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Link from current result:

Best regards,
Jacob Woord

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  Sample scene behaviour is not what it is supposed to be.
Posted by: pebo@instmail - 04-06-2023, 05:53 PM - Forum: Obi Softbody - Replies (2)


I am using ObiSoftbody.
I have opened a sample scene and am trying out the Dragon Scene,
but the dragon stretches in an unintended direction as shown in this attached image.

How can I make it move more rubbery like the dragon in the Asset Store video?

After importing the assets, there are no particular errors, but the following errors are present.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Can softbody be used on cloth?
Posted by: astest - 02-06-2023, 03:31 AM - Forum: Obi Cloth - Replies (5)


Softbody sphere

I want to drop it on the cloth.

the position of softbody collisions is unstable.
how shall I do it?

gif file will not play click to see.

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  Speed Up Rope Tracing Attactchment?
Posted by: Renman3000 - 31-05-2023, 04:09 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (2)

Hi there, 
I have a rope with everything works fine but my effector, or particle attachment is a little ahead of the end of the rope, or vice versa, the end of the rope is just a frame or two behind the currect effector position. 

How can I speed the rope tracing up a tad?

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  Cloth Physics to Trawler Net
Posted by: jacobwoord - 31-05-2023, 02:02 PM - Forum: Obi Cloth - Replies (1)

Hi there, im importing a trawlernet structure from a Json File. This file includes a start and end position for each element of the net.  For now i created a cylinder for each element but this does not give the expected results and is not realy an efficient way to simulate. i was thinking for a way to generate a custom mesh or curved plane based on the vertices of the elements so that i can use Obi cloth on it. but im stuck on the the approach to achieve this.

My question is: can i modify or create a particle system for the cloth system based on the vertices of my imported Json file? 

I attached some pictures of a part of the net.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  How to attach Rods?
Posted by: azazdeaz - 31-05-2023, 08:56 AM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (2)

Hi There!

How should i attach/join rods to achieve a tree-like structure? I found ObiStitch but i'm not sure how should i apply it, so it connects rods at a specific point and preserves orientation. Maybe i should find a way to make the rods share a particle instead of connecting them?

[Image: Ox7YRs9.png]

Thanks in advance!

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