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15 minutes ago
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24-02-2021, 06:09 PM
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24-02-2021, 09:41 AM
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Forum: Obi Rope
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24-02-2021, 08:41 AM
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get position of particles
Forum: Obi Cloth
Last Post: orestissar
22-02-2021, 02:59 PM
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  Segregation of instructions to each rope at the time of collision
Posted by: NakanHogeri - 51 minutes ago - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (1)

I'm currently trying to change the color of two Obi Rope in the same Solver at their own timing when they collide with other objects.

I pasted the script below on each rope and tried it, and when one rope collided with another object, the color of the other rope was the same.

private void Solver_OnCollision(ObiSolver solver, ObiSolver.ObiCollisionEventArgs e)
        foreach (Oni.Contact contact in e.contacts)
            if (contact.distance < 0.025f)

Obi version 6.0, Surface-based collisions are enabled on each rope.

If I had two Obi Solvers in the scene and one rope as a child object of one Solver, the current script would work, but it would be very costly.

I would be very grateful if you could let me know if you have an elegant solution.


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  About SoftBody Moveing
Posted by: zero16832 - Yesterday, 09:56 AM - Forum: Obi Softbody - Replies (5)

Thanks you to make this great plugins!

I make a mesh to softbody and use  addforce to move the gameobject,it work.

But i want to only rotate or move to one axis,how can i to do that?

how can i to freeze position or freeze rotation?

thank your help!

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  Sticky collision material is broken?
Posted by: asimofu_ok - Yesterday, 09:48 AM - Forum: Obi Fluid - Replies (13)

Fluid particles containing sticky collision materials bounce off and scatter when in contact.
For example in FluidViscosity sample.

This happened at Unity 2019.4.21f1 and 2020.2.6f1.
Something broken?

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  Caution tape?
Posted by: iandaviddunlop - 24-02-2021, 06:01 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (1)

Can I render a custom repeating texture across a "rope"? The texture would say something like "CAUTION DO NOT CROSS". The back and front sides would need to be different portions of the same texture (probably an offset).


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  Instanced Cloth Not Appear In Builds
Posted by: fluidman84 - 24-02-2021, 05:22 PM - Forum: Obi Cloth - Replies (2)


I have created a script that Instances a Cloth Prefab clothing item and parents it under the solver character during runtime. 

When I run the script system in the editor, everything behaves normally and the cloth is instantiated under the parent character and begins the cloth simulation as expected. However, when I deploy the same script in a Build, the clothing item does not appear in the scene when the I attempt to spawn the clothing item. 

I have run several tests with the skinned cloth renderer both included and removed, and it is confirmed that the issue appears when the instanced item includes the obi skinned cloth and renderer.

Can you direct me as to what might be the issue that my prefabs will not appear in compilled builds when instanced at runtime?

    public GameObject femModel;

    public GameObject thisClothing;
    public GameObject[] clothingItem;
    private bool clothingOn;

    public GameObject dressObject;

    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()

        //Load clothing meshes (Assets/Resources/clothing/G8F_NicoleAgent.fbx)
        clothingItem[0] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_NicoleAgent");
        clothingItem[1] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/Blender_LoRes_Mini Beach Dress");
        clothingItem[2] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_Nightie_LoRes");
        clothingItem[3] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_Vision_Bikini");
        clothingItem[4] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_JoyUndies");
        clothingItem[5] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_XFashionSweatshirt");
        clothingItem[6] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_CowgirlOutfit");
        clothingItem[7] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_TropicalDayBikini");
        clothingItem[8] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_TropicalDayKimono");
        clothingItem[9] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_DarkNurse");
        clothingItem[10] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_HotTennisOutfit");
        clothingItem[11] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_Pantyhose");
        clothingItem[12] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_DeepNeckMiniDress");
        clothingItem[13] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_BellaLingerie");
        clothingItem[14] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_XFashionBohoChic02");
        clothingItem[15] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_UnderwearG8F");
        clothingItem[16] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_HotDress06");
        clothingItem[17] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_NovemberDress");
        clothingItem[18] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_XFashionCuteLingerie");
        clothingItem[19] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_AnimeLingerieSet02");
        clothingItem[20] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_Pubic");
        clothingItem[21] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_RecreationalOutfit");
        clothingItem[22] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_InfuseOutfit");
        clothingItem[23] = Resources.Load<GameObject>("clothingPrefabs/G8F_BikiniCoverup");

    public void ChangeOutfit(int OutfitVal)

        thisClothing = Instantiate(clothingItem[OutfitVal]) as GameObject;
        thisClothing.transform.parent = femModel.transform;

    public void SpawnDress(int OutfitVal)
        thisClothing = Instantiate(dressObject) as GameObject;
        thisClothing.transform.parent = femModel.transform;

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  Constant fluid flow
Posted by: Kyiba - 24-02-2021, 08:22 AM - Forum: Obi Fluid - Replies (2)


Is there a way to make fluid move constantly in specific direction or not change its velocity in its life time duration?

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  [obi rod]To change the size of the spring?
Posted by: nyame - 24-02-2021, 04:23 AM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (3)

Hello! Thank you for your wonderful assets.

How can I resize the rod springs in the obi rope?
Thank you.

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  Check if rope is wrapping or unwrapping?
Posted by: Navvv - 23-02-2021, 03:40 AM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (3)

Is there any way to check if a rope is currently wrapping or unwrapping around a wrappable object? What about checking how many times the rope has wrapped around that object?

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  calculate total deformation of a softbody
Posted by: fewerhy - 21-02-2021, 01:58 AM - Forum: Obi Softbody - Replies (1)

Like the title says, any way for calculation of the total deformation of a softbody. The obiRope has calculate-length-function which can estimate the current total length. Does softbody has a function to calculate something like the total potential energy in it?

I would like to do some customized action when the total deformation exceeds certain value.

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  Exceptions on scale 0 Obi rope
Posted by: bobby - 19-02-2021, 04:03 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (1)

Hello Obi,

when I tween the obi solver size to 0, I get a lot of exceptions. is there any way to remove them? I tried setting solver.enabled to false, but then when I deactivate the solver gameobject, i still get exceptions "Assertion failed on expression: 'ValidTRS()'

It doesn't affect the gameplay, it's just that exceptions appear in the console.

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