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  Particles not coming at corners and edges.
Posted by: balaji.v - Yesterday, 09:55 AM - Forum: Obi Cloth - Replies (3)

I am generating obi cloth for small square shape mesh. The particles are not coming at the edges and corners of the mesh.
So I can't able to attach the cloth to another object. Please help to solve this.

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  Shader Error when building project.
Posted by: atracktiv - 28-09-2022, 11:05 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (5)


I'm using URP with OBI Rope, but I'm getting the well know Shader errors.
What could it be ?

See screenshot :

Thanks in advance for your precious help.

Shader error in 'Obi/URP/Particles': Couldn't open include file 'Packages/com.unity.render-pipelines.universal/ShaderLibrary/Core.hlsl'. at Assets/Obi/Resources/ObiMaterials/URP/ObiLightingURP.cginc(3)

Shader error in 'Obi/URP/Simple Particles': Couldn't open include file 'Packages/com.unity.render-pipelines.universal/ShaderLibrary/Core.hlsl'. at Assets/Obi/Resources/ObiMaterials/URP/ObiLightingURP.cginc(3)

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  Pinning rope particles on collision
Posted by: Spartan190 - 28-09-2022, 07:47 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (2)

Hi there,

I'm currently working with the ropes and want to have it completly stick on collision. I already have code to detect collision and create the Pin constraint but I'm still having several issues with it.

Setting the stickiness value of the collision material to one just makes the rope go crazy around the mesh so I'm using the pin constraints. When all particles of the ropes collided with the collider I want all of them to stay in place and don't even need any physics calculation for it. But I haven't found on how do achieve that yet. I've also noticed that even though there is a pin constraint the rope doesn't really stick and slips off the collider just falling to the ground or there is some particles that are supposed to stick but still fly around.

What I do right now in the code is that I use the OnCollision callback and add a Pin constraint (like in the documentation). The problem is if I have multiple ropes the performance drops quickly so I try to check if all particles already have a pin constraint and then just skip the whole collision detection.

But from what I see is that I have to iterate over all contact points which grows a lot with the mesh collider and the amount ropes with the particles (each rope has about 8 particles). For me it feels like I iterate over every contact even those that are not part of the rope.

If you need more information please let me know.

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  I can't make a solid rope, it always breaks. Help.
Posted by: acaremre - 27-09-2022, 11:35 AM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (1)

I have a project that I will use completely rope mechanics and I am just at the beginning of the road. What I have to do is make a rope that doesn't go through anything, like a solid and unbreakable thick rope. Can you help me ?
Attached is the video of the problem I am having, I am sharing it in the link.

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  Updaters causes crash on loading scene
Posted by: gaydiriguppak - 21-09-2022, 12:25 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (4)


First of all, I'm really impressed by this asset and the support you give to people. 

When I open a scene by clicking on it and playing it, there is no problem. When I load an empty scene with code there is no problem. But when I reload the same scene or load any other scene with Obi Rope in them, Unity hard crashes and I cannot see the cause of the error. I've tried several things and realized when I deactivate Obi Fixed Updater and Obi Late Fixed Updater, crashing stops and I can load scenes from code.

I have 6 scenes. Each 6 scene has 2 solvers. First solver has a Fixed Updater and the second solver has a late fixed updater. First solver has almost 80 ropes in it with the same blueprint. Second solver has 6 ropes in it with a second same blueprint.

Fixed updater and late fixed updater components are added to the first solver.

Unity crashes when I load one of these 6 scenes from code but not when I click and play.

Thank you for this great asset and I hope you can help.

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Pregunta Detecting collision of two ropes
Posted by: KaanOzcelik - 20-09-2022, 01:55 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (1)

I want to detect if two rope objects are colliding with each other via script. How can I achieve this? Do I need to have colliders and obi colliders in my actor objects? Or can I detect particle collisions? I couldn't get OnParticleCollision to work by the way.

Thank you very much in advance!

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  Extend a rope when the attached object shot from a position
Posted by: lacasrac - 19-09-2022, 01:08 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (14)

Basically I have a rope and I attached a Sphere on it with colliders and rigidbody on the end.

I want to shot it with the rigidbody's addForce with the red line angle. But in this time I want to increase the rope's length.

[Image: Screenshot-1.png]

What is the correct way to to this?

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  Obi Bone FinalIk setup
Posted by: Eivind Andvig - 19-09-2022, 10:20 AM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (2)


Question about finalIk and Obi bone with fixed updater. I saw in another tread how to make Obi bone work with FinalIk. This was recommended when scripting solvers: 

Issue is that we tried it this way and for some reason now while the hair bones whit Obi bone setup will work with Final Ik and Lookats the head bone is not working, so the hair turns in the right direction with lookats, but not the head. Any idea why? 


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  ObiSolver orientations return 0,0,0,0
Posted by: lacasrac - 18-09-2022, 12:31 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (1)

the position is return the correct Vector3:

var ropeParticleUpPosition = _solverPosition + rope.solver.positions[upChainParticleIndex].ToVector3();

but if I want to get the rotation:

var ropeParticleUpRotation = rope.solver.orientations[upChainParticleIndex];
that returns allways 0,0,0,1, also eulerAngles return 0,0,0

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  Changing rope length ugly when we use chains
Posted by: lacasrac - 18-09-2022, 12:05 PM - Forum: Obi Rope - Replies (4)

When we use rope, we cannot see what happening, but when I use chains, it will be very ugly.
Can you help me how to change it to simulate a better visualization?

Here is my code

        public void ChangeLength(float speed) {
            //ezt update-ben kell meghivni
            if (isLengthChangable) {
                if (_obiRopeCursor == null) {
                    _obiRopeCursor = gameObject.AddComponent<ObiRopeCursor>();
                    _obiRopeCursor.cursorMu = .1f; //feletol
                    _obiRopeCursor.sourceMu = .1f;
                    _obiRopeCursor.direction = true;

                _obiRopeCursor.ChangeLength(rope.restLength + speed * Time.deltaTime);

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