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Soft Skin + Rigid Bones?

I struggled to realize a similar function like this:

Basically I would like a human avatar to partially deform its skin but still remains rigid in the bone so that I could use my haptics devices to do some collision-based manipulation on the human avatar (without "visually breaking" its bones). For example, while the avatar is sleeping, I could lift it up to sitting mode by pushing its head and shoulder. Is it possible to do that?

FYI, I am now using an avatar downloaded from Mixamo.

Many thanks,
Hi phantom,

Vertices must either be animated, or controlled by the simulation. You can't get a mix between both. See:

Quote:Note that currently, you cannot mix animation and simulation in a single vertex, unlike you can in ObiCloth. Vertices in a softbody character are either driven by animation, or driven by simulation, not both.