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Help  How to Reduce the elasticity
As my last post, I create a rope in runtime by link some points, it works fine.

but when the rope created, it works too good in elasticity... 

I just want to reduce the elasticity, how could I do? 

See the video below, I don't want the box jumping up and down by elasticity, 
actually I want the rope swings from left to right. (like the movie Tarzan)


I tried reduce the Box Rigidbody Mass  but it becomes worse

Oh...I just want to create a rope like in your example "RopeAndJoints" , hard rope.
(18-09-2021, 11:14 AM)webmagic Wrote: I just want to reduce the elasticity, how could I do? 

Simply use more substeps. This will increase overall simulation quality, which reduces spurious elasticity. You can find this setting in the ObiFixedUpdater component.

For an in-depth explanation of how the engine works and how iterations/substeps affect the simulation, see:

Reducing rope resolution will also allow the solver to yield very inextensible ropes within a small simulation budget.