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Obi 6.0 update
Hi there!

I'm giving the finishing touches to Obi 6.0, which should be ready in a few days. Surface collisions are its main new feature, but we've also improved other areas: bend and bend/twist constraints now support plasticity. This means cloth can "remember" wrinkles, which is important to simulate leather, denim, and other thick fabrics. Rods can also now modify their rest shape upon deformation, which is really cool. We've also fixed a good number of bugs, and we have a long list of improvements that will be implemented during the 6.X lifecycle.

Documentation is also being worked on. We've improved the left side tree-view in the manual, adding support for nested pages. I've reorganized some pages and certain parts of the manual are being rewritten to make things clearer and/or put more emphasis on certain concepts.

Here's the (WIP) manual page for surface collisions. All that's needed to use them is basically enable a checkbox, but it gives a pretty in-depth explanation of how they work internally and goes over some things to consider when using them.

Any feedback is most welcome! Sonrisa
I keep checking the asset store and it's still not there.  Gran sonrisa
Can't wait to explore the new version.
Obi 6.0 is now under review in the Asset Store. Should be published in a couple days, maybe even less Sonrisa

Here's a blog post about the new features, which include (but are not limited to) surface collisions: