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New sample scenes in 5.6 [Feedback wanted]
Hi there!

Obi 5.6 will feature bug fixes, significant performance improvements for the Burst backend (outperforming Oni -our C++ backend- most of the time), and new, more complex sample scenes. The plan is to include at least one new sample scene for each Obi package, featuring multiple gameplay elements thrown together in a sort of mini-game that you can learn/copy stuff from.

This one took obvious inspiration from Fall Guys, it is called "Obstacle Course" and will be included in Obi Softbody:

Shows you:

- how to teleport actors around.
- how to subscribe to collision callbacks and use them to determine if an actor is inside a trigger (death/victory conditions), or in contact with the floor (to enable jumping).
- how to interact with rigidbodies in an accurate way, with minimal tunneling.
- how to use forces to control actor movement.
- how to get the actor's center of mass and extrapolate its position to make a predictive camera that points towards where you want to move.

It would be great to hear more ideas and get feedback from you: what do you struggle the most with when using Obi for gameplay elements? what kind of minigames would you like to see made with Obi Rope/Cloth/Fluids? what stuff do you think should be covered by these sample scenes?
New sample scene for Obi Fluid 5.6:

New sample scene for Obi Rope 5.6, by popular demand:

Sample scene for Obi Cloth 5.6 done. Mixes a lot of different features into one mini game: dynamic attachments, aerodynamics and tearable cloth.
The sail is 100% simulated and the boat is propelled by wind alone, you must use rudder and sail orientation to navigate.