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Obi 5.0 is live
Hi all,

Obi 5.0: Cloth, Rope, Fluid and Softbody are now available in the Asset Store. Compatible with Unity 2019.2.9 or higher.

A word of warning: before upgrading your existing projects, please note that Obi 5.0 is not backwards compatible with 4.x. Workflow and APIs have changed quite considerably compared to previous versions, so my advice is to use 5.0 when starting new projects, or if you're willing to spend a significant amount of time upgrading your existing project.

We have also updated and extended the online documentation:

We will continue updating the docs, and uploading minor Obi versions packed with improvements and bugfixes. Also, I've allocated time in my agenda to make decent video-tutorials, which is something pretty much everyone has requested. I will be dropping them on our youtube channel one by one as I make them.

As always, we're dead set on making Obi as fast, versatile and robust as possible. If you have questions, comments, requests or think you found a bug, do not hesitate to contact us.