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Dll Problem
Hi everyone
I start to use Obi Rope and import your asset but I see this error in console

DllNotFoundException: libOni
Obi.ObiCollisionMaterial.OnValidate () (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Collisions/ObiCollisionMaterial.cs:44)


DllNotFoundException: $
Obi.ObiCollisionMaterial.OnDisable () (at Assets/Obi/Scripts/Collisions/ObiCollisionMaterial.cs:32)

but I don't see that error in visual studio.I delete that errors after that I can play my game,I don't take any message.Will this be a problem in the future? What can I do ? I use windows 7.

Another things
1- Can we create rope while playing and connect this rope 2 gameObject's body?
2- Can we extend the length of the rope we are playing while playing
3- Can we break the rope with a certain weight or force and how can we do it

[b]josemendez[/b]  answers 
1.- Yes. See:
2.- Yes (there's a component, ObiCursor, that allow you to extend/retract the rope from any point in both directions.)
3.- Yes (the rope has a breaking threshold value in newtons. Once this value is exceeded, it will break automatically.)

can you record a video about that subject ? with video ,I can understand easier.
Thank you

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