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Full Version: Obi Bone twisted but bones are straight
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When I put an ObiBone component on this snake model (21 bones), most of the bones are twisted by a certain degree, giving weird behavior (see white lines).
What's strange is that it wasn't the case before, and that all the bones have 0 degrees rotation in all axes in the base pose, and at start... Then the Animator starts a "Rolled" static animation which just curls the snake around the branch.
Can't figure out what is causing this.


Otherwise it's working very well, I get snake like movement when I adjust the Collision Materials.

Hope you can help, it's for a good cause (snake phobia exposition therapy).
Hi there,

Can't really tell what the problem might be without looking at your model and the way you set it up. Would it be possible for you to share your snake model by sending it to support(at) thanks!

Quote:What's strange is that it wasn't the case before,

Any changes that might have taken place since last time it worked? Did you modify/reimport your bone hierarchy?
Sent it Guiño
The one thing that probably changed is the curled animation being added ("rolledVertically").
But the default "T"-pose is a straight line with every bone in the tail having 0° rotations.
Could it be that one of the animations (rolledVertically) messes how the ObiBone component builds its white-lined "rig" of particles? (see pic in post above).

Other info is that the tail got very "wiggly", even when default settings.

The reason why I'd like ObiBone on it is so the player can interact with the tail, touch it. A simple animation would be as immersive.