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Full Version: Can't generate small softbody blueprint
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I am currently trying to generate the softbody blueprint for a icosphere that is 5cm across. Technically this works, but the particles seem to have the wrong "orientation" (if they actually have something like that) afterwards. These images are using the "Culling: Back" option.

[Image: front.png?psid=1&width=710&height=492]
[Image: y4mpZqhzv_btVcyhz3vhDPiKj3gvUsg2UyW9BMVQ...height=486]

The object needs to be this small, because I want to interact with in in VR with my hands. If I scale the object bigger, generation works but then the simulation falls apart.

Is there a recommended way to have small softbodies? I haven't found anything concerning size in the documentation.

I also tried increasing the resolution, but it didn't help Triste :
[Image: y4m8nKEa8USO50d25FvHP1tmUGDwCU6oBp0jwiuT...height=418]
Having very small objects is bound to result in precision issues. 5 cm for the entire object is not that small, but each individual particle (and more importantly, each individual shape matching constraint, and the position deltas applied during simulation) will be much smaller than that.

I'd recommend decreasing resolution, instead of increasing it. This will result in less, larger particles.

Note this affects rigidbody simulation as well, though nearly not as much as it does for softbodies since a rigibody is a single entity while a softbody is a group of many smaller ones.

Edit: just tried with a mesh roughly the size you describe, but it's not enough to trigger precision issues. Would it be possible for you to share your mesh by sending it to support(at) so that I can take a closer look? thanks!
Okay. Maybe the resolution works different than I assumed.. lowering it kind of seems counterintuitive to me Sonrisa But it works I think Sonrisa

I sent you a mail. For anyone trying to follow this conversation, here is a copy Sonrisa

Hi Jose,
thanks for your fast help so far!
I have tried decreasing the resolution, that seems to help with the particles! Not sure, if that will solve all my problems, but so far it looks good Sonrisa

I have attached the Model I am trying to get to work. It is a simple icosphere generated in Blender with a radius of 5cm. If I am correct, this would translate to a 0.05 Unit size in Unity.

Thanks Sonrisa