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Help  [FIXED] Rope Lagging Behind Attachment

Thanks for sharing your project! thanks to it I was able to identify the issue: it's a problem with interpolation (doesn't happen when both solver and rigidbody interpolation are off). Luckily it's easy to fix: open up ObiFixedUpdater.cs and move line 67 to the top of the function, like this:

Quote:private void Update()
accumulatedTime += Time.deltaTime;

Interpolate(Time.fixedDeltaTime, accumulatedTime);

The time passed to the Interpolate() function was one frame behind the actual time, resulting in attachments to interpolated rigidbodies lagging behind. Accumulating the frame time before passing it to the function is the right thing to do. Will include this fix in the next update.

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RE: Rope Lagging Behind Attachment - by josemendez - 09-03-2022, 09:21 AM