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Why can't display models with bones
Why can't display models with bones
(17-07-2022, 07:51 PM)max88889999 Wrote: Why can't display models with bones

Because you used an empty SkinnedMeshRenderer, which contains no bones. This is just how mesh/bone skinning works. Skinning a mesh requires:

A) a list of bones,
B) a list of bone weights for each vertex in the mesh.

The list of bones is stored in the SkinnedMeshRenderer. The list of bone weights is stored in the mesh. If your mesh was weighted to pre-existing bones, dragging it into an empty SkinnedMeshRenderer will not work since the bone information is absent.

The mesh still keeps a list of bone weights to calculate vertex positions, but since the bones reference by those weights do not exist (since the SkinnedMeshRenderer is new, and has no bones), all vertices will collapse to zero and the mesh won't be rendered.

This is not something specific to Obi, you can try this without it: create a new SkinnedMeshRenderer, and drag your mesh and material into it: It won't be rendered either.

Instead of using the empty SkinnedMeshRenderer that Obi auto-creates for you, what you want to do is use the SkinnedMeshRenderer that Unity creates for you when you drag your model into the scene: it is setup with all bones that you exported from your modeling/animation software. Then add the ObiSoftbody/ObiSoftbodySkinner components to it.

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thanks i try