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Create a plank that is springy -can the rope shape be modified?
Would it be possible to generate a plank shape and give it the same tension/spring effect and strength?

I want a character to walk to the middle of a plank that has a brick at both ends and as the character walks the board receives the character's weight, bends down from the middle and have the board break if the weight in greater then x amount. I also want to be able to add sound triggers via weight basically giving the player the signal that the board is about to break.

I also need these sound triggers based on weight for the plank as well - I have some great tightening rope/wood squeaking audio clips to use. Would Obi Cloth be better for this senario?

Lastly could you please add the suspension bridge as seen on the asset store page or create a new one to the asset scene demos?

Thank you, Kurt.