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Help  Messy particle order when using ChangeLength() and save system
Hello I have been using ObiRope for quite long time from now so I am pretty familiar how it is working. There is one thing that I am really troubling. When my ropes are fixed length I can save my particles position and it is stored in order so I can save it. But when I change my ropes length in runtime particle order gets messy and I can't save my positions because I can't detect which particle belongs which rope and what is the order or, which particle is active and which one is not because I am constantly changing the length. And my ropes are sharing the same obiSolver in order to collide each other so it gives me the data of 300 particles is stored in this solver but doesn't tell me which particle is belong which rope I can not find reach that information. 

Now I am trying to make a level editor to my game for level designers.

1-What kind of save system should I use to save and load my level data with changing rope length.
2-Is there a way to collide the ropes each other with individual obiSolvers.

PS:In the attachments ropes are not flexing. I use ChangeLength() to make them longer.