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Help  Collision Problem
Hi there,

I will be glad to have your guide for my Obi Rope issue:

You can see that the ropes are actively interacting with each other from the image below,

But when i purchased and downloaded your assets’ latest version and run it in a new Unity project, that scene is not working like in the video. The ropes are not interacting with each other.

Will be really happy if you can let me know how can i fix this!

Note: ***If the new version has this kind of issues, can you please let me know the correct unity version to try and share me the version 3.1

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Hi there,

The image you're referring to is not visible. I'm guessing that you're referring to a video of the freight lift where the ropes collide with each other. The solution to make ropes collide with each other is to set them to use different phases, as explained in the manual:

Also, do not forget to enable particle collision constraints globally, in the ObiSolver component.
I Add images and trying change phases

Rope blueprints using same references can't change.I create new blueprints and set ropes collision was active but not effective as in the video.