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Obi 5.5 (Burst backend) public beta/preview.
Hi all!

After 6 -exhausting- development months, the Burst simulation backend is finally finished. 

It will ship in Obi 5.5 (*). Since this has been a full rewrite of the core engine, we wanted to release a public beta so that any existing user can try it out. This way we can identify pain points we might have overlooked, and bugs that our tests might not have picked up. It's pretty robust (at least in our tests), but a beta nonetheless so if you find any weird behavior, a bug report would be really appreciated Sonrisa.

What should I do to try the beta?
Just drop a mail to obi+beta(at), stating your invoice number for any of the Obi packages you own. Next monday we will start sending out beta packages to anyone that has signed up. We will attend requests in a FIFO (first-in, first-out) fashion, so depending on the volume of requests we receive it might take a bit for you to receive the beta.

What should I do with the beta package?
First of all: if you're planning on testing it using a existing project, backup your project. Then, import the beta package. The only difference with past Obi versions is that ObiSolvers now have a dropdown that lets you select between two backends: Oni and Burst. Switch to Burst and try it out! Note that you will need to have certain Unity packages installed for it to run. More info here:

What's in it for you? Will you raise the price tag for 5.5?
For us, this means easier maintenance, better platform support, and future-proofing Obi. We will not raise the price tag for 5.5, upgrading from previous versions will be completely free.

I hope this is a step towards better platform compatibility, ease of use, faster development, and tighter integration with Unity. Also remember that the full C# source code of the Burst backend is included in the package, so if you want to customize anything, you're curious about how Obi works, or want to see how Unity's job system fits in a relatively complex/large use case, you can now take a look under the hood.


(*) We will skip 5.4 in our public release history, for reasons related to the infamous Xcode 11.4 linker bug: 5.4 is an internal only version, basically identical to 5.3 but compiled with XCode 11.3.1 for bitcode compatibility for those of you that hit the bug in XCode. Note this does not mean anything in terms of 5.5 release times, or compatibility with 5.0-5.4.