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Bug / Crash  ObiColliders/Colliders
I'm working on some somewhat complex meshes with many surfaces I'd like the cable to interact with, I'm setting it up like so:

Visualization of the colliders on an object:
[Image: download]

Inspector view:
[Image: download]

Now, I've written a script that takes each collider on a game object and pairs an ObiCollider with it and sets it's desired phase. But it seems like several colliders on one shape like this don't work? The parent of this game object has a Rigidbody and corresponding ObiRigidbody... When I interact unity has no issues bouncing rigidbodies off it, but the cable ignores them even though the phases etc. are correct. Any ideas?

After further testing, this does in fact work. I have another issue that's creating this behavior. I'll describe it in a new thread.

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