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FixedUpdater location affecting rigidbody interaction
I have a rope and a player-controlled character. I want the rope to act as a barrier. If i put my updater and Solver on the rope itself, the rope works, and the character can't penetrate the rope. If i put the updater/solverĀ at a higher level so that i only have one updater in the scene, the character can walk right through the rope.

Am i missing something as far as how this should work? I thought i could have one solver and one updater in my scene, as long as my solver was listed in my updater and all obi objects were children of the solver.

Attached two images of it working vs it not working (player can penetrate)

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.png   NotWorking.png (Size: 23.36 KB / Downloads: 11)

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FixedUpdater location affecting rigidbody interaction - by nghillaz - 24-08-2022, 11:35 PM