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Job/Collab Bounty for a single pass VR obifluid shader.
Any shader wizards out there? I'll pay you $200USD to make a shader for Obifluid that creates the look and capability of the dielectric fluid shader in single-pass VR. I've banged my head against this thing for too long and it's clear I won't succeed so if I can hire out on this, I'd love to. Needs to work with the latest version of Obi and on Unity 2019.2.x in Direct X.

Nvidia Flex's fluid shader works on their particle systems in single-pass VR, but Flex isn't half as useful as Obifluid is, and their fluid simulation crashes so often I have special routines just to compensate for it crashing on me. I can't figure out a way to reverse engineer that shader onto Obi, and I want Obi, dang it!

Any takers? Just PM me or post and we can work something out.