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multiple ropes sticked together

for a VR simulation i want to create this electrical tool: (The tool with the copper cabel)

[Image: jX_1TYLpyyk9LZ9P0AZ5hWpYrjilSrspYHxe7omZ...hahfNr3lpT]

There are 4 endpoints which can be grabbed in the VR experience and can individually be attached to different other Objects(moving and non moving). If the user grabs one of it, the rest should hang down. After the user attached one of the endpoints, the rest should hang down as well(or be pulled by a moving object).
Ideally there is also 1 or more grabbers in between(Just for holding the tool more natural with both hands)
My Grabber Component sets the Rigidbody to Kinematic and keeps it at the Hand of the user  if he grabs it or keeps it at the Object where it is attached to.

I already have a prototype which works. But it is not satisfying yet. I have all ropes pinned to an individual grabber endpoint(Rigidbody) by pin Constraints. The other end of the ropes are pinned to a single “connector” Object(Rigidbody).

In my simulation i can grab one endpoint and it works. The rest hangs down and it feels good. But if i let it fall down, on the ground the connector Object (middle part) starts to jiggle around. It looks like a dog pulling the dog's owner around. I tried to put more mass on it which helps a little, but then the ropes get more elastic. This leads to another point:

The ropes should not be elastic (They are copper cables, with  stiffness). I could not really achieve this. The best solution so far was to use Tethers. But even then it is still elastic. (I don't really understand how Distance Constraints Component could help me).

One important goal is that the connection between the grabber objects  and the ropes look fine.
I had a prototype where i pinned the last 3 particles to an Obi Handle, so only the middle part of the rope bended and the end parts of the rope always had a nice straight angle to the Grabber  objects. But when i connected multiple ropes to a single Connector Object(With the Obi Handles as children of the Rigidbody Object) it drove the physics engine crazy and everything was jiggling around. So i switched to the pin Constraints Solution. It works little better but the connections don't look fine.
I also considered to use visual ropes which dont use Physics and look good while in the background i use invisible ropes that hold the model together.

I would be happy if u helped me to get a nice solution. I think the tool is very cool but i'm not so experienced with it.

best regards

Mr Smith