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Tightrope with rod and rope? Spring?
I am a noob to Obi.  I am trying to create two rods attached to a rope like a tightrope. 
The rods are vertical and a set distance apart and the rope runs between them--again think tightrope.  

What I want is when an object collides with the tightrope (obi rope), if it is heavy enough, it bends the support poles ( obi rods toward each other because of the colliding object).

I have set up the Obi rope so that it is tight by freezing the translation of the end particles. I have increased the tether on the rope so that it is tight. It responds as expected when a object collides with it similar to a taught rope. 

I am having a difficult time setting up the Obi rod so that it remains vertical similar (tightrope support pole) with some ability to bend, and then responds to rope stress ( heavy object falls on tight rope causing support poles to bend sideways).  

From the manual appears like pinning is the choice to get them to react to each other, but how do I just pin it to the end of the rod(instead of the whole rod game object), do I need to add a empty game object and parent to the last particle?

My questions:  
1. Is a rod for the support pole the best choice?
2. How do I get the resting state of the rod to be verticle and attached to the rope so that it acts like a spring when rope receives a heavy object collision. 
3. Do I need to add a empty object that is a child of the last particle and pin it to make the rope attach to the pole and respond to its action like a spring bending sideways?

I can add images if this is confusing--let me know. 

Thanks for any help.