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Help  Obi bone Collider issue

I'm working on a game project in Unity where we want to use obi bone on a character with braids.

in our setup on the character I have the Obi Solver on the chest bone with the Obi fixed updater. Under the chest bone I have a empty game object with with a Rigidbody component, capsule collider, Obi Collider and Obi rigidbody.

Finally on the hair bones that we want to use I have on the top root hair bone a capsule collider, obi bone, Obi collider, rigidbody and Obi rigidbody. Down the bone chain from that setup I use capsule colliders and obi colliders.

The issue I'm having is that the only way to get the hair to register and interact with the collider under the chest bone is to have a value on Max depenetration on the solver, if not it won't register the collider. 

I'm also wondering if this is the correct setup here since I was unsure about that. 

Sincerely Eivind

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