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Can't generate small softbody blueprint

I am currently trying to generate the softbody blueprint for a icosphere that is 5cm across. Technically this works, but the particles seem to have the wrong "orientation" (if they actually have something like that) afterwards. These images are using the "Culling: Back" option.

[Image: front.png?psid=1&width=710&height=492]
[Image: y4mpZqhzv_btVcyhz3vhDPiKj3gvUsg2UyW9BMVQ...height=486]

The object needs to be this small, because I want to interact with in in VR with my hands. If I scale the object bigger, generation works but then the simulation falls apart.

Is there a recommended way to have small softbodies? I haven't found anything concerning size in the documentation.

I also tried increasing the resolution, but it didn't help Triste :
[Image: y4m8nKEa8USO50d25FvHP1tmUGDwCU6oBp0jwiuT...height=418]

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Can't generate small softbody blueprint - by fbrthld - 21-06-2022, 10:41 AM