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Help  Can a rod follow a channel and be changed by it?
(29-08-2020, 09:25 AM)perryaj Wrote: Hi,

I am trying to route a wire through a channel such than when the channel is then removed, the wire remains in that shape.
Or at least pretty close. 

Can a regular rod do this? I see this Shape Matching constraint which really seems like what I want. 

Can this be applied to a rod? Or is there a reason this can not be used for my problem. Would I need the softbody asset to use this constraint on a rod?


This behavior (materials that remember the shape they're forced into) is known as "plasticity", and rods do not implement plasticity.

Shape matching constraints are only used for softbodies (Obi Softbody), but even then, they're not really suited for your use case as they can't have a rod/cable-like structure. I'm afraid no Obi asset can currently cover your use case Triste.


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