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Automatically set control points to particle attachments

I'm only just starting using Obi Rope. I'm trying to set up a rope between the ground and a balloon going up. I set everything up and it seems to wrok but I was expecting the rope to automatically place itself so that its preset control points (start and end in the case of the long cable) would automatically position themselves to where the particle attachments are set. It's kind of tedious to have to do it manually. 

Also, I was thinking about dynamically spawning some ropes between two points at runtime. I expect to be able to set values on the positions[] array of the obi rope so that its 2 preset control points are at either attach points I choose. Will that affect the obiropeblueprint? Is it possible to set the positions for the instance of that obi rope and not the blueprints? This would obviously be a problem since the ropes will have varying lengths and positions and I wouldn't want to have to instantiate new blueprints everytime.

What is the suggested approach here?

Thank you!

- Fred

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Automatically set control points to particle attachments - by FredTuna - 18-05-2020, 03:53 PM