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Bug / Crash  Destroy/Spawn Prefab with Solver & Rope
So I have a scenario where I have the following setup:

- Solver
   - Rope
   - RB
   - RB2

- This entire assembly is stored in a prefab, RB and RB2 are linked via fixed joint, RB is pinned to the rope, the rope is pinned to an external rigid body.
- The rope and RB share a phase, where RB2 is in another phase, causing collisions.
- I have other items in the scene, that share the same phase as RB2, and should create collisions.

Everything works on the first instance of this prefab I instantiate, but on following prefabs, the pins work, but the collisions for external rigidbodies don't. The first spawn and following spawns are all instantiated the same way.

Any troubleshooting ideas?


Well, I'm not sure what's going on. I restarted unity due to an OS update and the issue is gone. I'm not entirely sure what caused such a specific behavior that just a restart would fix.


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Destroy/Spawn Prefab with Solver & Rope - by dylanrw - 14-05-2020, 05:38 PM