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Help  Rope is too much elastic
(12-05-2020, 09:36 AM)zeljans Wrote: Hi,

I am in the process of creating real-world simulation and I used Obi Rope system to simulate steel cables for support beam.

The problem that I have is that ropes are just too elastic.
Another problem that I head is that my hooks, in the end, start to rotate slowly until they get upside down.

I am sending you my current settings as a screenshot.

I can also stripdown project on to just that specific part but as Obi plugin will be inside I don't think that is smart to put it here publicly. If someone from the admin side can help with this.



Increase the amount of iterations and/or substeps. This will improve convergence speed, reducing spurious elasticity. Note that substeps are far more effective than iterations, and their cost is about the same. However unlike iterations, substeps affect the entire simulation- They can't be targeted at specific types of constraints only.

For a pretty in-depth explanation of how the simulation works and how iterations/substeps affect it, see:

Also note that, depending on your exact requirements, a lagrangian (particle-based) engine might not be a good choice for machinery/cable driven systems. For that we have a different simulator, using a completely different approach (purely eulerian instead of lagrangian). See:

A comparison table between Obi and Filo:

The hook rotation could be caused by incorrect placement of their center of mass, or the attachment placement. Can't tell from the info your provide alone.

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