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Bug / Crash  IOS Crash after instantiate rope sometimes
Hello. After I got linking error with Obi Rope 5.3 & Xcode 11.4, I have installed 11.3 and got obi rope 5.0 and it succesfully built with this.

On my game, player holds the head of rope, whenever player moves, im adding length to cursor. When player nears to an object, player puts head of rope and this rope starting to pull the object, while a new rope instantiated to player's hand.

There is no any error / crash on editor and android. But when I test on IOS, after 1 frame from instantiating a new rope, it crashes on  a script called Oni Complete. And it happens sometimes, but sometimes not. When I test on IOS, the first collect never crashes, second may crash may not, third may or may not, Even I may pass 1st level sometimes, but sometimes not.

[Image: scrMypA]

Here is a little gameplay :

Tested on Iphone 6
Working on Unity 2019.2.21f
Xcode 11.3
Obi Rope 5.0

The script I am instantiating new rope is : RobPlayer /  method : CollectObj

I am really got stuck on this problem. I don't know what problem is exactly. I have sent source code of the project via pm. Main scene is SampleScene. You can ignore other scenes.

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IOS Crash after instantiate rope sometimes - by alininavcisi - 06-05-2020, 10:36 PM