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Help on configuring Obi Rope to simulate sewing.

Just want to start by saying I really like Obi Rope, it performs excellently and I can see a lot of potential in the platform.

Now for my issue: I am trying to simulate sewing, like thread and needle sewing. I am just having some difficulty with configuring the rope to look and feel like thread (or dental floss). To clarify, currently my Obi Rope is stretchy, bouncy, and too fluid. When I move the needle (with thread pinned to it), I need the thread to have 0 stretch, 0 bounce, and stiff enough that simple movement like up-down or left-right does not make the thread jiggle like a wet noodle. And of course, it should have enough bending that will allow for tying relatively tight knots, but that is less of a priority than the thread movement itself.

What are some options to play around with? Or at least which options should I avoid or disable completely to get rid of stretch, bounce, and spring, and add stiffness?

Thank you very much!

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Help on configuring Obi Rope to simulate sewing. - by ploom - 26-10-2017, 12:38 AM