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About this forum
Hi everyone!

This forum's raison d'être is to allow our user base to interact in an agile way, sharing knowledge and helping newcomers get up to speed with Obi. Also you'll be able to share your finished or WIP projects to get feedback, and maybe get them featured in Obi's webpage.

Currently we are using our Taiga project page to help you out with questions and enhancement ideas, but we realized that nothing beats the ol' good forum when it comes to community building. For this reason we'd like to gradually restrict Taiga to bugtracking purposes, and use this place for questions, support and project showcasing.

The forum is divided in five sections:

Here you'll be able to talk about anything related to Obi. If you have performance/functionality concerns before purchasing any Obi asset, this is the place to ask. If you want to philosophize about Obi's approach to physics, your take on Coulomb's friction model or why is your integrator faster and more accurate than RK4, then drop a post here. Guiño

Obi Rope
Don´t hang yourself just yet. Get rope related answers here.

Obi Cloth
Problems making a cape for your game's hero? We got you covered in this section.

Obi Fluid
Mastering fluid simulation ain't easy. But help is on its way after you flood this section with posts.

Made with Obi
Amaze everyone with your creations here. If it caught our attention (and if you're OK with it), yours will become one of Obi's flagship projects.

We are open to suggestions, ideas, anything you might need to say. We're all ears.

Hope you'll find yourself home here. Enjoy your stay.