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Full Version: How to use your purchase / order ID to receive full support
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If you want full support for your project we have to make sure you own the asset you are asking about.

We need to check the order number (OR) / invoice number the Asset Store gives you after purchasing our assets.

We recommend you fill the information in your profile as soon as possible

What's the protocol:

- You ask something that requires a big amount of time from our side or requires specific support.

- We will check if your profile info contains the ownership flag of that asset.

- If not, we will visit your profile information and check if the invoice number is valid, and add the asset ownership flag to your profile

- If you don't have the order number in your profile, we reserve the right to ask for it.

To add the numbers:

- Go to User CP or Control Panel (top left corner, under "Welcome Back..." black bar).

- Go to "Edit Profile" on the list

- Add your numbers on the form's "additional info" section.

Thank you for your time!