Unified particle physics for Unity

Obi is the first CPU-based realtime particle physics engine for Unity:

  • Unified framework for character and interactive cloth, fluids, ropes, softbodies...
  • Advanced editor tools
  • Extremely performant, multithreaded solver
  • Two-way interaction with rigidbodies, supports all collider types
  • From low budget, simple effects to extremely complex behavior
  • Latest research papers applied, based on cutting-edge technology
  • Easily extensible and modular architecture
  • Fast support and regular updates





Obi Cloth

The most advanced cloth simulator for Unity. It brings back and improves pre-5.x cloth functionality.

  • Support for skinned meshes: unified solution for character clothing and regular cloth.
  • Cloth proxies: drive high resolution meshes using low-res simulations. Works with skinned meshes too!
  • Softbody physics trough volume constraints.
  • Independent stretch and bend constraints.
  • Cloth is attachable to rigid bodies.
  • Cloth can collide with itself and other cloth pieces.
  • Physically based aerodynamics model.
  • In-editor simulation preview.
  • Easy-to-use integrated editor tools, don´t ever leave Unity when authoring cloth.
  • Save your prefabs mid-simulation and instantiate them already warm-started.
  • Supports all standard Unity colliders.
  • Two-sided shader (based on the Standard shader) with correct lighting on backfaces.
  • Automatic camera culling.

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Obi Rope

Obi Rope will allow you to create realistic ropes and chains fast, with absolute control over their look.

  • Procedural smooth mesh generation using splines, complete with tangent space updating and normal map support. No need to manually generate geometry for your ropes.
  • Change rope length at runtime, Tearable/cuttable rope, Closed loops.
  • Modular solver: don't waste performance, only use the constraints your rope needs.
  • Bending constraints and per particle pin constraints.
  • In-editor simulation preview.
  • Easy-to-use editor particle tools: selection, brush selection, paintbrush, property smoothing...
  • You can save your ropes mid-simulation and instantiate them already warm-started.
  • Supports all standard Unity colliders.
  • Automatic camera culling: non-visible ropes do not update their simulation.

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Obi Fluid

Obi Fluid is a fully-fledged 2D and 3D realtime fluid simulator for Unity.

  • All physical properties or the fluid are adjustable: surface tension, stickiness, vorticity...
  • Fluids can adhere to surfaces, form drops, split and merge...
  • Advect passive particles trough the fluid: bubbles, foam, dust...
  • Custom emitter shapes.
  • Two-way rigid body interaction.
  • Modular solver: don't waste performance, all parameters are exposed.
  • Supports high density ratios in multiphase simulations.
  • You can save your fluids mid-simulation and instantiate them already warm-started.
  • Supports many types of colliders
  • Automatic camera culling: non-visible fluids do not update their simulation.

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Obi Softbody

New in versión 4, released in January 2019. A high-quality, high-performance soft body simulator based on cutting-edge technology.

Simulate complex softbody meshes composed of thousands of polygons, complete with collisions, self-collisions and rigid body interaction.

  • Advanced oriented-particle XPBD solver
  • Turn entire objects into softbodies, as well as specific parts of characters.
  • Unconditionally stable: the simulation will never blow up.
  • Two-way rigid body interaction: softbodies will react to rigidbodies and vice-versa.
  • Modular solver: don't waste performance, only use the constraints your softbody needs.
  • Per module adjustable solver iteration count.
  • Works with all kinds of meshes, even non-manifold ones.
  • Any part of a softbody can be attached to any collider/rigidbody, using rotating as well as fixed orientation links.
  • Self and inter-collisions: softbodies can collide with themselves and other softbodies. - In-editor simulation preview.
  • Automatic camera culling: non-visible softbodies won't consume resources.

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